Sunday, February 23, 2014

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Work for You, Not Against You

   Many people think that it is impossible to find clothes that fit them, and honestly this may be true if you are expecting clothes to fit you right off the rack. Some people think it is impossible to find pants. If you have disproportionately larger hips and thighs compared to your waist, it may seem that whatever pair you squeeze my thighs into ended up being too big in the waist.

   It can be frustrating to shop for pants and you may hate the disappointment you often feel, condemning your body for not being "right"--whatever a "right body" is supposed to be like. Whatever body fits into clothing straight off the racks, I suppose.

    Make the Clothes Work for You, Not Against You.
    Like I said, it might very well be impossible for you to find clothes that fit you straight off the rack, but that doesn't mean you can't cultivate a wardrobe that fits you well and flatters you. One thing I always say is that you have power over the clothes. If things don't fit, it's not because there is something wrong with you, rather, something is wrong with the clothes! And the great news is that we don't have to take clothes at face value off the racks. You actually have the power to make the clothes work for you rather than feeling like they're working against you.

   That's where alterations come in. Alterations are extremely helpful for those of us who cannot find what we need straight off the rack. While this is useful for particularly curvy women or petite women, it's actually true for most of us! 

Sewing Sectrets

    Developing a wardrobe plan by gradually adding pieces that work with almost everything in your closet is the answer to never having anything to wear. Learn which styles and colors are best for you and concentrate on acquiring clothing to be worn during the most time-consuming activities in your life—for most people this will be casual and comfortable clothing rather than formalwear. Spend the most effort and money on classic styles in muted colors and punctuate them with less expensive or trendy pieces that wear out and can be replaced to keep your wardrobe updated.

   To appear an inch taller in height and 5 pounds thinner in the hips, make skirt hems ¼” longer in the back than the front (Fig. 4- “Dotted lines indicate a straight hem. Make yours ¼” longer in the back.”). Simply mark the hem evenly all around from the floor up and then when you lay the garment out to alter it, lengthen ¼” at the back and taper up to the front marks.

   Altering clothing after weight loss is not done by sizes but is determined by the amount of weight lost and where each individual has lost it. You cannot take garments in uniformly because people do not carry or lose weight uniformly. It is generally not worth altering garments if you have lost more than 35 pounds because the lines and proportions become too distorted.